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What financing options offer?

Electric Lift Massage Tables, Pedicure Chairs and many of our other products are big investments. That's why we've teamed up with Klarna to offer you easy-approval financing. 

How to apply for Klarna financing?

1. On product page select Add to Cart.


2. On shopping cart page select Secure Checkout.


3. Fill out form with your personal information.

4. Select Continue to shipping method.


5. Select your preferred Shipping method.

6. Select Continue to payment method

7. Select Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna.

8. Select Complete Order.

9. Select preferred monthly payment options that are available. (Please note that monthly payment options are dependent on your cart balance and what Klarna decides to offer, we cannot change the financing options)


10.  Click Place Order.

11. Fill out form.

12.  Click Continue.

13. Know instantly if you are approved for financing with Klarna.

14. Receive a confirmation email outlining your purchase, due date(s), and other useful information once your product ships out.

15. Contact Klarna customer service at any time with questions about your purchase, or head to our Customer Service FAQs.

16. Contact or (800) 995-3089 if you have any questions. We are happy to help! :)

For more info go to this link: